Using the Tour Blend App

● As you download and begin using the Tour Blend app, be sure to allow location services and notifications.  This enables the app to find the nearest tours, and to automatically play audios and display location-specific content as you arrive at each stop on the tour.

● When you start the app, the HOME page displays the closest tours at the top of the list.  Scroll down to see other tours, or tap the categories icon at the bottom of the screen, and then tap a category photo to see a list of relevant tours.

● You can also tap the map icon in the upper right-hand corner of the HOME page to view all of the tours by location.  Once you select a tour, its title will appear at the bottom of the map.  Tap the tour title to see the tour overview.

● After selecting a tour, you can play or read the tour overview.  Tap the blue download tour bar to obtain the tour content, and then tap the green start tour button

● Tap the map icon at the bottom of the tour screen, to find the location of each stop on the tour.

● The location-triggered audio files will play automatically, the first time you get near the stop location.  It’s best to take the tour in order, and to start the tour after arriving at the 1st stop.  If you exit and then restart the tour, each audio file will again play once automatically when you get near the location of the stop.

● You can stop the audio anytime by pressing the stop button, and restart when you’re ready to listen again.  You can rewind 15 seconds, or go forward 30 seconds, by pressing buttons on either side of the play button.  Turn off the audio by pressing the X on the right of the screen.

● Use your earphone or earbuds for the best audio experience.  Two friends could share a pair of wireless earbuds.  You could carry a blue-tooth speaker for groups of 3 or more.

● When you reach a stop, you can swipe through the photos at the top of the stop screen, and then tap any of the photos for a full screen view.  You can pinch to zoom in and out, and swipe right or left to view other photos included in the stop content.  To return to the stop screen, tap the X at the upper right of the screen.  

● If a photo shows a split screen (with a circle and arrows in the middle), touch the split and scroll left or right to reveal more of an image.

● Scroll down through the narration transcripts in the stop screen to reach the links to videos and web content.

● You can tap Get Directions in the map at the bottom of the stop screen to navigate to the stop location.  You can select which directions app is used (e.g. Google Maps) in the settings menu.  When walking, set the map for “walking” directions.

● You can also use the maps app to find the location of next stop.  Just tap the next icon at the bottom of the stop screen, then tap Get Directions for the next stop on your tour.

SAFETY: The Tour Blend app can be highly absorbing, so don’t drive while using the app unless another person is operating the device.  To avoid bumping into people or things when walking (or having them bump into you!), it’s best to stop to look at the photos, videos and other content.  Take time to look up from your device to enjoy the location.  Looking at your phone doesn’t raise the “tourist” flag like fumbling with a guidebook or a map does, but don’t become a target for mischief by appearing out of place and distracted.  Be extra careful after dark, and explore with friends whenever possible–it’s more fun that way.

DATA: Allowing location services and notifications for the Tour Blend app is essential, in order to automatically play audios and display location-specific content as you arrive at each stop on the tour.  As with all apps, images and audio content load fastest with a strong signal.  When possible, using Wi-Fi to download images and audio content before beginning your tour will provide the best performance, while also lessening the draw on wireless data plans.  If the cell signal is weak, it may take a while for images and audio content to download, or for sites to show up on the map. If you’re downtown amidst tall buildings, or in challenging terrain, the GPS may occasionally be inaccurate.