Our free Android and iPhone Tour Blend app brings locations to life in the Rochester area using guided audio tours, current and historic photos, videos, and on-line resources.  Use the app to explore the Genesee River and the Erie Canal, Upper and Lower Falls, the High Falls Historic District, Rochester’s street art, local craft breweries, and much more.  

Tour Blend includes more than twenty free tours you can enjoy while walking, biking, boating, or driving. Tap the “categories” icon to find a tour of interest, then use our integrated maps to guide you there. As you tour along, our location-based triggers automatically play audios describing points of interest along your route, using your smartphone to “blend” digital content into your tour.  

Our free web app works with any mobile device or computer, so you can enjoy our tours wherever you are, without installing an app.  Please note that the web app cannot provide automatic location-based triggering of audio narrations.

“Greentopia uses Tour Blend to provide audio-guided walking tours of Rochester’s High Falls Historic District and our  EcoLoop. Their app is easy and fun to use, sharing the stories and images of how the area developed and our green vision for the future.”
Lisa Baron
Board Chair, Greentopia

Tap to access the free Tour Blend Web App