Zoos provide moments of joy and wonder, connecting you with animals you may never see in nature. We act to save these animals from extinction, through our work here at the zoo, our regional conservation efforts, and our involvement in conservation efforts around the globe. This tour will give you a glimpse into the conservation work of your zoo.



Rochester is America’s first boom town, growing from a small village into a major city when the Erie Canal aqueduct over the Genesee River was completed in 1823. The waterfalls provided power to flour mills while the Erie canal provided transportation, and Rochester soon became the “Flour City”. Decades later, many nurseries were established at the city’s edges, and Rochester became America’s “Flower City”.

Rochester is now the world’s center for imaging and photonics, and is known for its universities, medical research, and technology innovations. This TourBlend mobile App, a Rochester innovation, can tell you about, and guide you to, the most interesting spots in the area.



The “Ride Western New York” venue includes over 250 separate attractions organized in more than 10 different tours:



Angelica is a small town with a population of 1000 friendly folks, people who cherish their small-town lifestyle, a unique blend of the past and present with a watchful eye on the future. Stroll our tree-lined streets, visit our antique and country shops, rest a while in the Park and begin to understand why Angelicans call their home, “A Town Where History Lives.”



The tour was created to help people enjoy paddling up and down Irondequoit Creek between Ellison Park and LaSalle’s Landing Park in Penfield, NY.  Unlike other TourBlend tours, this tour focuses on audio content because canoeists and kayakers have their hands occupied.  It provides directional help, descriptions of wildlife, and a bit of historical information. Text and photos are available if desired.