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Information Management for Tourism Professionals
The current state of information management in tourism is a melange of print information, decentralized and often outdated website information and limited digital info from large online travel providers. Most of this focuses on the travel options and accommodations. With the Tourblend Information Manager, the Tourism Professional can enter current information, including text, pictures and video, tag that information with geo and seasonal codes and then deliver it to the visitors in a variety of templates. The information can be instantly updated once in the Information Manager and it will be updated across all devices accessing the Tourblend app.

Searchable and Up-To-Date
Tourblend offers searchable, current and easily editable Information Management for Tourism Professionals.

Conventional tourism promotional materials are accessed via mail order, websites, visitor centers and brochure racks in hotels and other central destinations. This information is not searchable and can become outdated quickly- i.e. Ski Area winter brochures in a rack in July when the resort offers many summer activities or closed venues still displaying information that does not reflect their status, creating a bad visitor experience.

No Print or Distribution Costs, Costs of Outdated Information
Tourblend replaces costly print materials and helps avoid inaccurate information found on websites not under control of the Tourism Professional.

The physical printing, inventory and distribution costs of conventional tourism information like brochures are significant, both in dollars spent and time spent. These delivery methods are still viable but they are in transition with the advent of large scale acceptance of smartphones and tablets. Attraction web sites are often outdated and cannot be updated from a central database. The real cost here is in dissatisfied and poor visitor experiences and lost tourism dollars.

Understanding the travelers’  behaviors in our marketplace will be so much stronger by harnessing the power of TourBlend; we can deliver information and products to visitors to make their travel experience more complete and vibrant.  They’ll come back because we’ll know how and when and where to invite them through strong data collection!”

~  Valerie Knoblauch, President of Finger Lakes Visitors Connection