Using Mobile Technology To Create Authentic and Compelling Visitor Experiences

TourBlend was founded in Q4 2013 to bring the regional tourism industry into the mobile age by creating a platform and mobile app for tourism professionals. The Tourblend app is free for users and provides comprehensive, location-aware and up-to-date information on tourism sights and activities in a region. For tourism professionals Tourblend is a platform that allows you to easily manage information on the attractions and services available in your region from one central online content management system (CMS). The Tourblend system enables Insider Tours, offering the tourism agency the ability to create tours of your area that are customized to the interests of the tourist, creating authentic ‘insider’ experiences for any visitor.

Beyond Print Brochures

A mobile app like Tourblend instantly helps you engage with your visitors, in real time, and ensures a rich experience far beyond that found in the classic tourism brochures and print guides. Easily updatable, capable of including unlimited photos, audios tours, video and mapping, the Tourblend platform goes far beyond print production and distribution at a fraction of the cost in time, money and negative visitor experiences caused by outdated or incorrect information- no more ‘Closed For Season’ disappointments.

Centralized Tourism Information

Because it is mobile and controlled from a central database by the tourism professional, Tourblend offers an experience beyond that found in conventional attraction websites. There may be dozens or even hundreds of attraction websites in your area managed by their owners. But far too often they are out of date, inaccurate or simply inadequate. As a regional tourism professional you typically have little or no control over this. Tourblend gives you a centralized source, managed by your agency, to ensure a stellar visitor experience.

Based On Extensive Research In The Tourism Industry

Tourblend was founded in the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) startup incubator. The company was accepted into the 2014 High Tech Rochester (HTR) LaunchPad accelerator program in the spring of 2014. During that intensive twelve program we interviewed over 200 tourism professionals to ensure that Tourblend offered a solution that was truly useful in your day to day efforts to attract visitors to your region.


lesLes Moore – Technologies Commercialization  Les has extensive technology commercialization executive experience, with a proven background building a shared vision for growth and driving business, research & development, operations, and technology organizations to deliver high value proposition products to market. Les is a strategic leader of international product development, operations, and business & technology partnerships to deliver new technologies and products to nascent markets.

brianBrian O’Keefe – User Experience Design Brian has been designing and developing Digital Tourism technologies and services in the greater Rochester area, Edinburgh, UK and Tuscany, Italy since 2003. Brian’s user experience design skills have been utilized by Eastman Kodak Company’s consumer electronics and advanced technologies generation teams. 

kenKen Parulski – Chief Scientist Ken is widely recognized as a digital photography pioneer and inventor, with more than 200 issued US patents. These inventions have been broadly licensed for use in most digital cameras, smart phones, and photo sharing services, providing earnings of more than $2 Billion dollars from 2005 to 2010. Ken has a proven ability to work with a wide range of disciplines, and across companies and cultures, to develop new systems, industry standards and business partnerships.

jimJim Colosky – Systems Architecture Jim has over 30 years experiences as a Software Team Leader and architect for a scalable digital asset management solution that can be managed through a mobile or computer browsers. Jim has created the first Kodak Theater Management System (TMS).



Chinmay Dani – Backend Development