The free Tour Blend app brings locations to life using guided audio tours, current and historic photos, and links to on-line resources.  When you launch our app, digital content for the nearest region, from Western New York to the Adirondacks, is automatically downloaded to your phone.  You can explore the nearest historical sites or craft beverage trails –  there’s no need to install a special app for each location.

When you visit Rochester, just tap the “explore” icon and select a guided tour along the Erie Canal, a craft beverage tour, or tours featuring street art or stories about historic downtown buildings.  As you approach one of the attractions on your tour, your phone will “ping” and then tell you all about it.  For example, Tour Blend guides you to the Broad Street Bridge.  Then it automatically plays an audio narration as you walk along, describing how this bridge once carried the Erie Canal over the river, and showing historic photos of barges which filled the aqueduct you’re now standing on.

Example screens from PPT

You can also use the Tour Blend app to select other venues such as the Seneca Park Zoo, regions such as the Finger Lakes Wine Trails, or small towns like Cooperstown or Angelica.   The app can help you plan your visit by showing you the best attractions.  Then you can use our integrated maps for turn-by-turn directions to guide you there.

Here’s how it works…

First, load the Tour Blend app on your phone.  By default, TourBlend will be loaded with content from the tour closest to your current location, but you can also select tours from around the state.  As you travel through the tour, TourBlend will use your phone’s GPS to determine when you’ve entered the proximity of an attraction and will notify you.  Depending on your chosen options, it will automatically play an audio or video clip or will bring up images and text, to help you enjoy your experience.


For Visitors, the Tour Blend app provides a way to blend your in-person experience with digital content from local experts.  We bring locations to life!

For Tour Managers, The TourBlend Composer provides a simple way to set up and maintain your tours without any specialized programming knowledge.  The people that know the area best can easily set up the tour, just the way they want it.

We’d love to hear from you.  Contact us with your feedback or ideas. New tours are being added all the time.  Let’s add yours.  Email us at Learn more at

Tour Blend is a registered Trademark of Tourblend Innovations, LLC.

125 Tech Park Drive #1100, Rochester, NY 14623

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